A Man of Miracles


A Man of Miracles is not so much a celebration of the countless and incredible miracles, which have colored my entire life. No, it is more about the truth of the outcomes that have resulted from this seeming endless parade of miracles in my life.    This is my personal journey.  EVERY WORD IS TRUE!


A Man of Miracles is for all of us who have gotten discouraged, or had our faiths so badly bruised, that it actually hurts to believe and trust in the gracious love of God anymore.  It is also for the many folks who once HAD hope in God, but who now find themselves irrevocably broken and adrift because of their current state of hopelessness. 


A Man of Miracles seeks to answer the, "Why God" questions, and also the hardest question of all, "Why would a good god let this happen?”  Real life questions that we all seem to have from time to time, but are afraid to ask out loud.



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“As I read your book, I was reminded of the day you got hit by the car and how those of us inside fell to our knees instantly and began to pray.  The miracle was that after a very short time you rose practically unscathed.”

Nancy C. – Eyewitness to several miracles described in Miracle Man



“Miracle Man’ is a compelling read.  Michael has you careening down mountains, being crushed between cars, and even meeting angels!  I couldn’t put it down, because I didn’t want to let go of this compelling message of HOPE!”

​Pastor Pete I. – 30 year veteran of ministry




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