A Man of Miracles

Updated: May 21, 2018

A Man of Miracles is not so much a celebration of the countless and incredible miracles, which have colored my entire life. No, it is more about the truth of the outcomes that have resulted from this seeming endless parade of miracles in my life. This is my personal journey. EVERY WORD IS TRUE! But the miracles I write about are not really about me at all. They are all about you the reader, using them to see God in a very real and totally different way than you ever have before.

I have written to you in a plain, conversational English. Not perfect grammar. I wrote as we speak, or at least how I speak, because in essence, this book is more a conversation than a narration. As you grow into the book, you will feel as though this is an intimate dialogue just between you and me. This is a book for people that need HOPE, who have lost HOPE, or don't even have a clue about what HOPE even is. The ambition is, that the book will have the reader seeing real HOPE in their lives by the time they turn the last page. I wrote this book to encourage you to finally get started on your journey to the destination where I know you will find and receive true and lasting HOPE. I realize that may seem hard right now, but stick with me. I have traveled the road you are on, and I have made it! So will you.

This may seem odd for a pastor to say out loud, but I wrote this book, which is my personal life journey that has been filled with miracles, to support all the broken people that are just as beaten as I have been so many times in my life. A Man of Miracles is for all of us who have gotten discouraged, or had our faiths so badly bruised, that it actually hurts to believe and trust in the gracious love of God anymore. It is also for the many folks who once HAD hope in God, but who now find themselves irrevocably broken and adrift because of their current state of hopelessness. Though this book may at first have the feel of an autobiography, the reader will soon realize that it is much more personal than that. There are many hard truths about me personally that are revealed in this writing. It is both frightening and freeing at the same time to be this transparent as a pastor and a believer. I pray my miracle journey that is chronicled in this book will embolden you to start seeing the miracles you too have been blessed with your whole life, but have not seen…yet!

In the final analysis, this is a book about changing perspectives. Perspectives concerning, God, faith, and how we think about God and what He is doing, and why He’s doing what He’s doing in our everyday lives. Each chapter could be a stand-alone story, book, movie, Bible study, or life lesson teaching on its own. They are each reflections of the everyday battles we fight to hold onto our faith in the warzone that is the world in which we live. A Man of Miracles seeks to answer the, "Why God" questions, and also the hardest question of all, "Why would a good god let this happen?” Real life questions that we all seem to have from time to time, but are afraid to ask out loud.

I’ll let you in on the greatest discovery about God that I have ever uncovered. That epiphany is that God is much more involved in the miracles of our everyday lives than we ever realized. Truth is, when we only concentrate on what God is NOT doing for us, we totally miss out on everything that God IS doing for us. Sadly, too frequently, we all miss the miracles that ARE happening for us right now, because we are all so occupied with complaining about the miracles that have YET to happen.

I sincerely HOPE that you will see that for yourself as you read my new book, "A Man of Miracles." Hang in there; I’m praying for you. No, really I am!

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