June 27, 2018


I awoke on day 4 of my recent El Salvador mission trip to rain. I had hoped that the rain would keep the day cool. It didn’t. The rain just made the already hot day even more miserably humid. I wanted God to change the weather. He didn’t, because He made it rain just the way it should; and He saw that it was good.

While on our bus ride to day 4’s location for us to minister and care for the people we would meet that day, a beautiful husband, and wife that were on this mission trip with me, sat in the back of the bus where I resided wherever we went. The wife of this Godly pairing sat between her husband and I. After we had bounced along for a ways in the back of the bus, this woman of faith leaned over and stated something to me with obvious pain in her voice. She said that she wished that God would change her to be more “emotional” in her faith like her husband and so many of the other folks that were on this mission trip appeared to be. She went on to relay to me that she had always wanted to immolate her husband’s spirit as he was often overcome to the point of tears as he would speak of his experiences of faith and the loving joy he had for the families we came into contact with on our mission trip. Without saying it, she seemed to be saying that she felt less “spiritual,” because her emotions and her tears came slower and were so different from her husband’s. She was hoping to be made less reserved and stoic and more enthusiastic in her spiritual exhibitions like her husband and the others on our team were. She was hoping that God would change her. He didn’t, because He made her just the way she is; and He saw that it was good.

This faithful Christian woman asked me if God would possibly give me a “word of knowledge” for her. Here is what I heard from the Lord and then shared with this lovely lady. I told her that God had made her just the way she was, and with just the emotions that she had. I then told her something that I am sure was hard to hear. Maybe it will be for you to hear as well dear reader. I made eye contact with her and I spoke out of Christian love when I advised her that for her to ask God to change how she reacted to spiritually stimulating situations was, in a way, actually her telling God that she was dissatisfied with how God had chosen to make her. I went on to remind her that God had made her husband in a way that showed more outward signs of spiritual emotion and that God had made her just the opposite. That was God’s perfect plan for the two of them. Their two very different make-ups were accurately designed by God to make the two parts of them a perfect married whole, and that she should celebrate that fact. I advised her that God has purposely made men and women different to compliment the marriage of the two and to make their marital bonds stronger. That has always been His plan, and His plan has always been good.

But NOT into what I want to be, but into what You made me to be!

Too often we see the person we wish we were in the personage of someone else. That is called “ENVY,” and God never made us to be that way. If you have a heart that is chasing God, then don’t pay any attention to the other runners in that race. Don’t copy other follower’s styles. Your ambition to run after God is all that matters. Maybe other folks won’t always see your heart, but God always will, and if your heart is in the shape of His son Jesus, God will most definitely say that is good, VERY GOOD! Hear this "word of knowledge," EMOTION, however it is exhibited, is over rated! God just wants us to be REAL and TRUE to our faith in Him. That is what others should see in us. I pray they will.

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