Hug Your Kids Today!

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

NO! I am NOT writing you today looking for donations for our new ministry…that will come next week! So, with that said, you are safe to read my blog post for today, May 18. I hope it touches your heart. That is the only intention for this writing. I pray that it does.

I woke up this morning feeling odd. I wasn’t depressed, but I definitely wasn’t happy. I just felt like all of the air had been let out of me. That’s it! I felt totally deflated. Something was missing. Last night, as I watched the evening news, there was a story about a school bus full of kids that had been demolished when it tangled with a huge dump truck. Many of the children on-board were seriously injured. At least one was killed. They were young elementary school kids on their way to what had the makings of a very fun end of the school year field trip.

The scene changed from the mangled and torn steel of the school bus to the school district’s superintendent standing at a podium giving a speech. He had tears in his eyes as he said to anyone willing to listen, “Don’t take for granted that you have your child at home tonight to hug. There are families that will never have that chance to hug their children again after today.” Fade to black.

I know from firsthand experience, that what that superintendent was saying is true. Thirteen years ago, on today’s date, my son Scott would have his last birthday. I would never have the luxury of hugging my boy again. I guess that was why I woke up deflated this morning. I must have wanted to hug the Birthday Boy. Here is the good news…I’ll have that chance one day.

There will be no more tears, no more hurts, just an eternity of hugs one day for me, Scott, and you and yours. That’s my HOPE and I trust it is yours as well. I pray it is for all of us.

In the meantime though, hug your kids. Why make them wait for heaven, to know that you love them today? Hug everyone you love. I promise, you will be eternally grateful that you did…so will they.

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