August 7, 2018


I Really NEED a Job!!!!!!

Lately I have been a part of the; apply for a job, wait for an interview, then wait for an offer of employment merry-go-round. It is exhausting and an emotional roller coaster that I really don’t enjoy very much.

Basically, when you are on this merry-go-round, you spend your days weeding through job descriptions for work you are sure you can do, and then sending off resumes and cover letters trying to convince a hiring manager that you are the ONE they should choose. With every unanswered job application, interview with no call back, or robotic note explaining that you are not being selected, discouragement creeps in and takes residence a little deeper in your soul.

Truth is, when a person applies for a job, it is less about WANTING a job, and so much more about NEEDING a job. With each passing day and every new rejection, the “need” grows, and so does our anxiety level. The merry-go-round of attempting to be accepted is never comfortable or enjoyable.

This challenging time for me professionally got me thinking a series of strange thoughts. That is, “STRANGE,” as in different! Those of you who know me will smile as you read that last line. It will have you saying to yourself, “Pastor Michael often thinks ‘strange thoughts.’” Yes. Yes I do! As Christians, our thoughts, perspectives, and ideas will always be seen as “strange” to other inhabitants of the world in which we live, but that “strange” is a GOOD thing…very good indeed.

So here are my strange thoughts on the subject of employment applications. What would a job description for employment with God look like and what would our resume look like to apply for a job with God? Strange thoughts, I know!

A God Job description might look like this:


Wanted, anyone who wants to live for eternity

Must be willing to admit that they are a sinner and want complete forgiveness

Must want to be loved for eternity

Must want to be accepted just as they are

Must come to realize just how valuable they are because God loves them

Must be willing to start living as a new creation that is forgiven and loved


Must be willing to believe in God’s only begotten Son Jesus so that their sins will be forgiven and forgotten forever


Redemption, Salvation, Love, Grace, Mercy, Live for Eternity, Full Health Package, Forgiveness for Every Sin, and Loving Acceptance forever from the Creator of the Universe


Everyone! If you will apply, you will be accepted to this position!

Now what should a resume look like to receive this position in God’s workforce? It would only have one previous employer. It would only list one prior education. It would list only one skill or qualification. It would simply say:


Don’t worry, we ALL qualify! All you have to do is APPLY!

So here’s the deal, if you send that lousy one item resume that we all have, you WILL receive acceptance, love, redemption, and all of the other promises of God…for ETERNITY. Maybe it is time we all applied ourselves to the work of God (you see what I did there?). If you believe in Jesus, you already have the job. Maybe it is time we all got to work! I pray we will. Strange thought, I know.

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