August 20, 2018



A week or so ago I was invited to attend a Global Leadership Summit. At this “Summit” there were a number of well-known speakers trying to say inspiring things to an audience intent on being inspired. When I attend such events I always seem to take copious notes, positive that I will surely utilize these pearls of wisdom at my next first opportunity to do so. Unfortunately, I usually find these amazingly recorded notes of mine when I am cleaning out my desk!

But at this Summit a week or so ago, I wrote a note to myself when one of the speakers mentioned a time-worn adjective from the business world; “Value Proposition.” In the world of business, a Value Proposition is basically what sets your company, your product, your methodology, or your solution to a specific problem, apart from every other business. In other words, what it is that makes your company unique from the others in your market space. It is the answer to the question, “Why should I chose to do business with you?”

As the speaker began to drone on about the importance of identifying your personal or corporate Value Proposition, my mind went off in another direction. Nothing new there! Anyway I started thinking that every teaching that Jesus ever gave was His unique way of identifying His Value Proposition; His answer to the question of, “Why we should follow Him.” He was always promoting what was unique about Him and what separated what He taught from what everyone else was teaching.

Then Jesus did something truly amazing with His marketing plan; He showed everyone who would listen to Him, that THEY were valuable too. With each miracle He performed, with each loving touch, with each word, Jesus was lifting people up. He was showing them just how valuable they were to Him. That He loves us all. Truth is, that is still the Value Proposition for choosing to follow Christ to this day.

When Jesus says to all of us who will listen, “Come to me all of you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest,” Mt 11:28-30. He is saying something much more important than if you hang around me you’ll have plenty of opportunity to nap! No way!!! He is saying simply, that we who believe are so important and so valuable to Jesus, that He doesn’t want any of us to carry loads meant for Him to handle.

The Jesus Value Proposition is this, while the world wants to tear you down, Jesus wants to lift you up. While the world wants to take everything from you, Jesus wants to give everything to you. While the world desires to break your heart, Jesus wants only to heal it. While the world seeks to take your love, Jesus rushes to give you love. So what is the, "Jesus’ Value Proposition?" What is the thing that makes Him truly unique? It is that you don’t have to do a thing to be valuable to Him…you already ARE, just the way you are! Believe that!

Many of us climb mountains to get to the summit. Some of us attend conferences called “summits.” We are all seeking some kind of summit in our lives. We are looking for a place where we can see far into the distance, or we are trying to reach a place of security, or to have some peace. May I suggest that if you have placed yourself at the feet of Jesus that you have climbed far enough to see all that you need to see. It is only at His feet that you will be truly secure and will experience His eternal rest. Knowing that Jesus loves us is our Value Proposition. The world needs to see that we believe and trust in what sets us apart from the world. They need to see the Light that is in us that is so very valuable, if they are ever going to want that same light for themselves. I hope that we will propose to our families, our co-workers, and the world just how valuable Jesus is to us; and just how valuable we are, only because of the unique love of Jesus. I pray we will.

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