July 31, 2018


This weekend I did a very scary thing…I looked in the mirror! YIKES!!! Where the reflection of a once physically fit and viral man once stood, was an aging stranger. Before I could quickly divert my eyes, I saw the inevitable that would surely come one day; DEATH. Maybe even today.

Do you see what God sees in your reflection?

As I stared at this unknown person that looked oddly and vaguely familiar to me in the mirror, I found my mind wondering about my obituary. Yeah, I know I’m weird, but that is what happened. I pondered my obituary for a bit longer and then the thought crossed my mind as to what my obituary might say about me. I’ve always disliked long drawn out anthems said of the deceased at funerals, and have often mused as to what the final thoughts spoken about us might be if they could be stated in just ONE sentence. What would my life say about me if it could be summed up in just one short sentence?

I’ve had lots of titles, some good, and many bad. Maybe my obituary might speak about what I had accomplished as a man; some good…some bad. But I doubt my obituary would say much about whom I was as a man or as a person…except maybe to complain about my many failures. What about you. What would your obituary say, if you were to die today? What would your final sentence on your life say about you?

The world is always trying to take things away from us; spouses, kids, fortunes, and often our reputations. The world will try to take away our titles, stuff and things, people, and sometimes even our freedoms! So, if we lost all of our titles and possessions. If we lost all of our material goods and accomplishments and if all of our failures were forgotten (wouldn’t that be great?), what would we be left with for a final thought concerning who we were during our time here on earth? Think about that for a minute.

After I stopped looking at that sagging interloper in the mirror, I started thinking about how Jesus’ obituary might have read in the Jerusalem Herald some 2,000 years ago. Let’s face it, Jesus had lots of titles and tons of accomplishments. But if we were to boil His obituary down to just one sentence, I’d like to think that it would read: “Jesus LOVED; Oh, how He did love.”

That brings me back to my thoughts of what my one sentence obituary might be. As I look back on all I have done, accomplished, failed at, and tried to be, both good and bad, I would hope that my obituary would say simply this; “Michael was loved by God.; Oh, how he was loved by Jesus.” In the end, nothing else is going to really matter much more than that.

Here’s my suggestion; stop looking in the mirror either figuratively or in your mind’s eye (either can be very scary) and see in yourself the only thing that is important for you or anyone else to see. YOU, Dear Reader, ARE loved by God. In the end, nothing else is really going to matter much more than that. I hope you will see that in your reflection and in your heart today and always. I pray you will.

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