A week and a half ago I returned from an 8 day mission trip to El Salvador. Some may ask why I am just now getting around to writing about such a moving, spiritual, and emotional event. The answer is very simple; I wasn’t ready. I couldn’t sort out all of the soul-stirring stimuli I had experienced during this trip in a way that might be understood by anyone except myself. Now, 11 days after my return, I think I can; at least a little. I have been called a “Story Telling Pastor,” so please, kindly allow me to tell you a story of love and redemption from El Salvador…

My 15 Mission Mates and I, had just finished our last act of ministry during this trip, or at least that was what I thought at the time. We had participated in an emotionally and totally Holy Spirit driven time of worship followed by a fine lunch with the volunteers we had served during part of our stay in the upland jungles of El Salvador. We were all supercharged and exhausted at the same time. I was alone in my thoughts of the day when an El Salvadoran man I had come to know approached me with a young teenage girl. He advised me that this girl had a gift for me. I was startled by the offer, but not surprised, as many of us on the trip had received random gifts from our new in-country friends.

This young man went on to explain that the gift I was receiving was a painting done by this beautiful girl some six years previous. He advised, that until that very morning, this painting had hung on this teen’s own bedroom wall. He translated that she had painted many paintings over the years, but that this one was her "FAVORITE!"

She handed me the painting and I could only stare at it with wonder in my heart. It was beautiful. She had skillfully painted the painting on a piece of a cardboard box, then surrounded it with a crude wooden frame. I was stunned to think that a 7 year old child could have painted something so incredibly well executed. When I looked up from this object of fine art, I was staring into the eyes of a very wise 13 year old girl. She was probing my heart with those big black expressive orbs of hers. I managed to choke out a question, “Why Me?” I wanted to know why she had chosen me, of all the people with me on this trip, to give this amazing piece of herself too.

My new friend advised me that this girl explained to him that she had been watching me all week (I had never noticed her before) and that she had “seen that I had a hurting and broken heart,” and that she wanted to give me something to help heal it! I was there to minister to her, instead, she ministered to me. God is so weird sometimes!

Too often we complain to God about “Why Me” when things we perceive as bad happen to us. My question to you and me today is this, how come we so rarely ask God, “Why Me,” when good things happen to us? Why don’t we say “Why Me” when we receive better news, or lesser circumstances than we really deserve? When will we start saying “Why Me” when broken relationships are healed, or illness mysteriously leaves our body? The most important “Why Me” question should actually be, “God, why did you choose to love me…no matter what…Why Me God?

Maybe it is time for you to put that “Why Me” question before God. I know you will just love His answer. I pray that you ask it soon… “Why do you love Me God?” Get back to me with His answer. I’ll just bet it will be a beautiful Heart Picture that will heal your soul or mend your broken heart from the inside out. Try it!

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