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Updated: May 21, 2018

I have learned that the problem with miracles is that we rarely see them for what

they are! This is especially true when bad things happen in our lives. We just don’t

get the whole, “MIRACLE THING!”

This is my personal journey to discover the truth about miracles. This story is not

really about me at all. This is actually YOUR story, or it could be! It is about YOU

seeing and discerning the miracles that are happening all around you every day.

You don’t "see” them, because you don’t know how to look for them.

When we only concentrate on the miracles we are NOT receiving, we totally miss

out on the benefit of all the miracles that we HAVE received! Most of us have a

tendency to overlook the miracles that are happening for us right now, because we

are so occupied with complaining about the miracles that have YET to happen.

This is a book about changing perspectives. Perspectives concerning, God, faith,

and how we think about God and what He is doing, and why He’s doing what He’s

doing in our everyday lives. A Man of Miracles seeks to answer the, "Why God"

questions, and also the hardest question of all, "Why would a good god let this

happen?” Real life questions that we all seem to have from time to time, but are

too afraid to ask out loud.

I pray that my miracle journey chronicled in this book will embolden you to start

seeing the miracles that you too have been blessed with your whole life, but have

not seen…at least, not yet! Hang on! Clear and miraculous vision is waiting for you

in…A Man of Miracles.

A TRUE story of HOPE!

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