“I am not a big hard bound book reader but once I opened the cover and started reading it I could not put A Man Of Miracles down. I was captivated from the first chapter till the end. I laughed, I cried, I talked to God as I was reading it reflecting on my own life experiences.  The main thread through A Man Of Miracles is that of HOPE, and it strengthened and assured the hope in my life and what I’m currently battling now. This book was a Blessing in my life when I really needed one. The stories and the miracles are fascinating, how he is still alive only God knows because He has been protecting him throughout the book. We are all sinners, and after reading A Man Of Miracles I know there is HOPE for everybody.  God Bless you Pastor Michael, I pray that your book of HOPE reaches all those whom so desperately need it, and I know I did.  Thank you."


"I am NOT a "reader" usually, but I could not put this book down!!!!”

Mike Brown - Computer Server Lead Admin

“Michael, AMEN!!!  Wow!!!  Thank you for sharing your story.”

Albert F. – NASA Engineer

“On a purely selfish, albeit well-intended, note, I approve of His choice in letting you hang around a while longer (no doubt He is relieved with my approval ☺).  If anything, so you can tell your story again and again. Thanks for sharing your story, your walk with me.”

Albert F. – NASA Engineer

"It is always wonderful to hear your voice coming through in this book. You have a real gift to bring HOPE to all of us!"

Lynn C. – Missionary Mom

“Michael is an engaging writer who quickly draws the reader into taking the journey of the character along with him.”

Laurie W. – IT Software Engineer

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